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National Puzzle Day: The Movie

It's time! National Puzzle Day is upon us! The festival that's all about puzzle is about to hit fever pitch and January 29th and I couldn't be more excited! I'm also ecstatic to share that National Puzzle Day: The Movie is here. It's a documentary of what I do to make this fun holiday happen and it's a look behind the scenes. It's so very important people understand how this cool holiday is all about puzzles and it's got to be fun.

National Puzzle Day Founder Jodi Jill and her dog June Bug
Jodi Jill Founder of National Puzzle Day and June Bug

You can't just put together a national day of any sorts and suggest it's going to be a success. Well, unless you are Santa. That's why this year I wanted to share a little bit of planning and an overview of what is done for National Puzzle Day. It's a big project and every year it keeps getting bigger. I've seen it grow fast and it's something of a humble experience to see how people play. Plus, I have thousands of kids who look forward to this event and they want good puzzles to play (so do the teachers) that teach about this special day. There is no time to disappoint!

In 2024, it's really rather special too. it's the 30th Anniversary of National Puzzle Day. It's hard to believe it's been 30 years of sharing puzzles, but it's definitely has been 30 years of puzzle fun.

This year is different than years before. I've been able to secure a fun jigsaw puzzle to celebrate the event plus we've been able to offer more puzzles to the kids than ever before. Additionally, we have found that the impact has substantially grown for puzzle day as we embrace technology and share the puzzle packet in multiple languages.

How many people will be playing puzzles on National Puzzle Day? Well, I certainly will. Actually looking forward to seeing how other people are playing puzzles too. The fun of National Puzzle Day is all about the community and impact we see with the kids. It's hard to believe how big it's gotten, but it's humbling. I remember the first few years, working paycheck to paycheck trying to make it all work and then I look at today. It's awesome that National Puzzle Day has grown into something spectacular!

Enjoy your puzzles today! Share what you are doing on social with the hashtag #puzzleday , take a minute to download the free puzzles on and let's have a great time! Happy National Puzzle Day!


Jodi Jill

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