Free Word Search Puzzles

You found the new FREE word search printable puzzle for kids and adults! These fun (and fabulous) word puzzles are the latest and greatest in the collection, but dare we say there are more. Yep, there are! Over 40 to choose from. So if you are feeling puzzle-y (is that a word?) and looking for some pencil power, click here to check out the entire list HERE. Don't forget to share - the more people who enjoy my puzzles the better!

Diversity Word Search

The Diversity word search puzzle offers a look at ideas everyone strives to accomplish. In today's world it's important to brace our own identities while welcoming other individuals with the same respect, rights and kindness that we want.

Different Days word search

The different days word search highlights those days that we have and have terms for. Like what? Well, when is the last time you had a lazy day in the summer? Or a calm day? Hopefully not too long ago

Meetings word search

Boring meetings word search reminds us how tough it is sometimes in a meeting. Pretending to be interested, wishing there was a way to escape, but ultimately having to sit there staring at all those points your boss is sharing. Who wants to avoid that?

Car Wash word search

The car wash word search might have you looking at your auto. Is it dirty? Whether you decide to wash the car at home, at a self serve location or get a full detail, there is no doubt your ride will shine.

Flowers word search

The Flowers word search is all about flowers! Who doesn't like flowers? Those pretty plants in the backyard bloom into beautiful arrangements that is candy to the eye. Plus, the aroma of many flowers is absolutely delightful.

Spoon word search

The spoon word search offers a look at exactly what is on your spoon. Sounds kind of crazy right? Yet, we use our spoons so often for so many things and this puzzle offers a few daily examples!

Paint Your House word search

The Paint Your House word search reminds us all that a fresh coat of paint might be needed in the neighborhood. Maybe even at your home? It's amazing how a new coat of paint on a home makes it look!

Fresh Bread word search

The fresh bread word search almost makes us wish were we looking inside a bakery with our faces smashed up against the window pain. Delightful baked treats, fresh from the oven, just waiting for us to taste! What could be better!

Self Defense word search

The self defense word search offers a peek at how staying safe includes knowing a few surprise moves to outwit a potential attacker. Taking a self defense course, no matter where you live, offers you a chance to be ready, just in case you need to be protecting yourself.

Buttons word search

The buttons word search is a hat tip to those round, square and unique clasps that hole our clothes together. It's a very simple thing, but without the buttons, we'd be in trouble as our clothing would fall off!

All Together word search

What is stuck together in your world? The All Together word search is a peek at those things that keep the order and has things sticking together! Give this free puzzle a try!

Stay Calm Word Search

The Stay Calm word search is a fun look at how not to get all riled up. Keeping positive and thinking about the best makes it easier to be calm.

Jodi Jill