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Proofreading Jobs 2020:

Make Money Finding Mistakes, Errors

proofreading jobs 2020

Ever think about finding proofreading jobs? It’s a perfect opportunity to make money finding mistakes and errors in written content as the final quality check before publication. The typical proofreading jobs include checking for spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors. Plus pointing out the mistakes and offering suggests to polish the material so it is ready to publish.


The job of a proofreader is not so much about being creative as it is about making sure the errors are fixed and the work is ready for publication. From the obvious of finding errors to make sure the content makes sense, keeps the same tone and style all the while reading the text.


The typical proofreader isn’t just someone who graduated in high school English with high marks, it's more than that. Anyone who decides to wrestle with the alphabet to make perfect paragraphs needs to have a bucket of ink and a passion for making writers look good. The opportunity to be a proofreader means you need to be flexible and familiar with all sorts of editing tools. Including Word, Google Docs, Pad, Wordpress and the like. So what type of articles might you be assigned to proofread? Well, here is a short list:


  • Blog posts

  • Advertising copy

  • Social media posts

  • Books - self published/electronic/paper

  • Articles

  • Legal documents

  • Newsletters

  • Trial transcripts

  • Academic articles

  • Technical journals

  • Everyday correspondence

  • Essays

  • Manuals


This is a short list of many opportunities available for a proofreader. There are so many more proofreading jobs that are possible to apply for!

How to Work as a Proofreader and Make the Most Money

If you're looking for an excellent job that you can work at virtually any place the biggest concern to start is having a strong internet connection. No matter what client you work for or what type of context you proofread. You need to be able to connect with your employer and keep your deadline tight.


Most freelancers who are proofreaders love bouncing from project to project. They work with many clients and are willing to do different types of proofreading jobs. Others prefer specialized Niche proofreading. Perhaps you are interested in legal transcripts or would only want to review recipes. Connecting with long-term clients and finding genres that work within your wheelhouse is extremely important. The most important part of the job is flexibility.  When you get an assignment to proofread you need to have time and energy to immediately get started.


Proofreading jobs are essential but you have to remember it's not a creative part of the writing process. Proofreaders are responsible for correcting grammar inserting punctuation and even making sure the flow of the document is correct. This means the biggest concern of the job is making sure the information is properly presented stylistically and grammatically.

What Skills are Essential for Proofreader Jobs?

A proofreader job is a side hustle that requires Freelancers to have a few essential skills. The first one is good time management. Making deadlines, no matter how difficult to complete a project, is essential. You will need to complete the work as required in a timeline for publication.  This means you might need to control how many projects you take, the best way to organize your day and how much time you spend focused on the job so clients keep their goals in check.


A good proofreader also needs to have good English skills. Punctuation, tenses grammar and even a grasp of advanced vocabulary is super important. There is also the matter of style. Some clients prefer proofreading is done in a particular style. It could be AP style, scientific journal Style or  any other so many styles that are used in uniform standards with their writing needs. Being familiar with the style used is very important.


Some clients will prefer their proofreaders to have a degree in English. Others prefer a degree in journalism. Many proofreading jobs don't ask for formal training at all. What day will all ask for is examples of your previous proofreading work or your willingness to take a proficiency test to determine your level of English. Other requirements for proofreader jobs sometimes include references.

How Much Money can a Proofreader Take Home?

While some people love that they will be totally involved in English, other people adore the idea that proofreaders are paid well. So how much are proofreaders paid?


The average proofreader earns anywhere from $20 to $45 an hour. But there is a catch. According to some of the top job hunting sites it all depends on how much experience you have and your background. Of course it also helps if you find a company who wants to use your services on a regular basis. What you will notice almost immediately on the breakdown of job hunting sites is content Mills pay far less than your typical companies.  proofreaders can earn from 25000 to $75,000 a year. Add that you can do this job with quite a bit of flexibility, it's a win-win and sometimes proofreading jobs do not offer an hourly rate but pay by the number of words you edit or pages that you complete.

How do You Get Started Proofreading Without Traditional Experience?

You will find that many of the companies require at least a bachelor's degree to be a proofreader. This might be a hindrance for some however a good-paying proofreading job does not mean you have elaborate schooling. It does mean you have a grasp of the English language and are willing to learn. Many companies offer opportunities for new proofreaders to get started. Check out the requirements for all proofreading jobs and see what companies are looking for. Don't hesitate to offer previous examples of your previous work to get the ball rolling.

In Conclusion: Proofreading Jobs 2020

If you are looking for flexibility with decent pay, the opportunity to be a proofreader should be considered. The side hustle could be your full time gig, a part time opportunity or a way to make money on the weekends. With a higher than average pay (especially when you develop relationships with ongoing work) you can use this cash to create a financially focused future.

Keep in mind, proofreading is a tedious job with many responsibilities. If you love deadlines and do not mind working on tight schedules this would be the perfect opportunity for you.

Jodi Jill

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