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37 Reasons Residents Love Los Angeles in 2020

Do you love Los Angeles? Or do you have that love and hate complexity that many people sing about. I mean actually love Los Angeles. In 2020, I project the City of Angels is only going to get better with time (just like fine wine.)

37 Reasons Residents Love Los Angeles
Los Angeles Sunset

Driving around the city if you are not used to the hustle you could find yourself a bit overwhelmed from the metro area. There is no shortage of love when it comes to LA. Residents will ban together to help the less fortunate, people do their best to dress each other in fashion and when it comes to new ideas, technology and more, LA is a great place to be. You can be normal, eccentric or a wee bit crazy and still fit into one of the bustling communities in this area.

Using the term Los Angeles, it’s doubtful anyone is suggesting the downtown area exclusively (unless you live there or work there, of course) so it spans for miles. There are over 80 cities that come together in the area and hundreds of neighborhoods. Bet your bottom dollar that they aren’t the same either though. With so many cultures, communities, and individuals, it’s become a beautiful site no matter where you call home in the city.

If you’re feeling an overwhelming gush of love from locals while Randy Newman’s single I Love LA plays, it’s understandable. If you hear that same song and start swearing under your breath that locals pour on the love way too thick, point taken. Obviously, there is no place like home, even if that means you got to pay more to play hard. Of course, in Los Angeles expect no apologies for how we roll. It’s special, unique, and sometimes downright in your face. Yet, it’s the best. All it takes is a little time to appreciate the place. And once you do you might understand why I call it home.

37 Reasons to Love Los Angeles in 2020

There are at least 50 reasons residents love Los Angeles
Los Angeles Buildings Greet LAX Flights on Final Approach
  • Los Angeles waits for your arrival. Coming home, exploring the first time or just a quick trip, the downtown skyscrapers can be seen out the airplane portholes facing north. Unless you are coming into LAX during a bad storm, you will fly over the city and just before touchdown, an amazing view out the window reveals the downtown skyscrapers that touch the sky. Coming in at night? The downtown buildings are a spectacular. Then again so are the rivers of red lights that span across the valley as residents are going about their lives.

  • The Los Angeles Sunsets are to die for. Placing yourself near the ocean, the sun drops into the water with epic fury. Don’t expect the same Los Angeles sunset experience each time though. The winter months have bright orange rays and purple patches. The summer offers stronger whiter rays with light reflecting pink, yellow and orange streams bouncing beyond the limits. Add a few clouds where the rays bounce into the darkness and heaven has come to the shores for a spectacular nature show.

  • The tall palm trees are literally everywhere. Downtown, near the beach, and around town you will see the palms sway softly in the breeze. This isn’t a native tree to the area (only the Washingtonia filifera is,) but as it’s the unofficial symbol of Los Angeles and Southern California. The trees are seen everywhere. It’s symbolic to the residents who have adopted LA as home too. It’s rare to meet a native in the area, but everyone enjoys calling it home.

  • The city is always in chaos and residents love it! Let me clarify. The chaos is not real, it's more made up than anything. The movies and TV shows film on the streets of Los Angeles. Nightly people around the world see heavy crime and bad guys on the small screens. Played by some of the best entertainment professional in the business, the fake stories offer a glimpse of life as it could be. Thankfully, most of LA is pretty chill, there are not nearly as many explosions as seen on TV.

  • You can skate along the ocean and never stop chasing the sun. The boardwalks on the beaches are amazing places to escape the craziness of life while being only a few minutes from home. This unique aspect, to be so close to the water and still close to the city, is one that forever captures your heart.

  • There are beautiful flowers are found on every corner. No really. If you live in one of the bigger neighborhoods, the flower people are on the medians, near the freeway ramps and on the sidewalks. Bouquets of roses, gorgeous groupings of lilies and other floral arrangements are available if you toss a few bucks on your commute home almost every night.

  • You can see many talented acts at Venice Beach nightly and it couldn’t be more entertaining. The free street performers work for tips, are always changing and definitely is amazing. It could be a show, a mime, or a comedic unicycle rider, but it’s a great way to enjoy the day and soak up the sun along the coast.

  • You will love to check out the view of Catalina Island on a very clear day. Standing at the end of the boardwalk in the Marina Del Rey you can see the outline of the island in the distance. It’s even more obvious walking in San Pedro or standing on the bluffs in Rancho Palos Verdes during a crystal clear day. Over 25 miles away, it’s an amazing site to admire. So are the ships that float through the channel as they cruise along carrying goods to the other side of the world.

  • Finding a good taco truck isn’t hard to do around here. If you hurl a rock towards a street in Los Angeles, you will hit a good taco truck. It’s a neighborhood staple of delight! There are dozens of mobile vendors offering amazing tacos, burritos, and delicious Mexican dishes. The best of Los Angeles food might not be in a brick and mortar location. Instead you will find some extraordinary dishes that could be rolling down a street corner near you.

  • Grab some amazing fruit on the corner. Don’t limit yourself to just meals in Los Angeles. Locals love the fruit stands. It might be a little strange at first, but as residents know, it’s worthy of taking a fruit-y trip. With $5 in hand you can find some of the most amazing fruit sliced, diced and served up in a plastic bag ready for consumption. If you are feeling traditional, top off the fruit with Tajin and let your taste buds do the talking.

  • Getting a gift at Santee Alley is an experience like no other. Technically, you don’t need to be right in the Alley to enjoy this shopping experience. The blocks around this Los Angeles location is full of gift ideas too. If that isn’t enough, you can easily buy or bargain yourself a few gifts too. From toys to trees and everything in-between, this market area is mind blowing. This small place in the middle of downtown is very special to the history of the SoCal community.

  • In Los Angeles you should enjoy a day to get your glamour on. Grab those glasses and go! Walking around Hollywood and Highland, you can take in the sights and sounds of the famous entertainment corner and enjoy the moment. Nope, you don’t even need to be a tourist. Taking pictures of the stars, finding an impersonator to take a few snapshots and basking in the neon lights, it’s all possible and unique to the City of Angels. Plus, bring your wallet as this is the perfect place to do a little shopping.

  • Residents love to finish a day at work (or ditching work altogether) and go for a hike. You won’t just see the concrete side of Los Angeles walking around the paths provided by the City. You will see the natural side too. It’s amazing how the people and the nature folds together in strange, but perfect harmony. Sometimes you would never know a million people live over a bluff beyond the walk. The trails are truly peaceful paths.

  • Grab a train ticket and blast back to the early days of Los Angeles. The train era of the Los Angeles community is long gone, but locals still love the locomotives. Today we have the light rail connecting communities of Los Angeles together. Almost all of the lines allow you to find your way to Union Station for self-exploration of our community's heritage. The tall ceiling and the amazing chairs of the 1930’s station is jaw dropping. It blasts you back to a time when train travel with the staple of life and waiting was a necessary factor. Thankfully Union Station was pampered with comfort and style which still holds true today.

  • If you are more of an airplane person, you can enjoy two of Los Angeles bests in one stop. The In and Out Burgers location near LAX, right off of Sepulveda is worthy of stopping at to smell the jet fuel. If you haven’t seen the belly of an airplane, this is your spot to admire. Coming into the runway, the airplanes make the final approach. You can sit down to eat one of those amazing burgers and enjoy an astonishing machine at close view. It’s one of those incredible locations that make your heart squeal with joy and you might forget you are in Los Angeles. Just don’t look at all the traffic whizzing by as people rush to the airport in true LA style (yep, they are probably all late.)

In and Out Burger at LAX is a perfect place to watch airplanes
Watch Airplanes at In and Out Burger at LAX
  • A drive to the Port of Los Angeles on the Vincent Thomas Bridge from Long Beach is a view like no other. You have seen this iconic bridge of Los Angeles in car commercials and on TV, but there is nothing like it when you are crossing it into San Pedro. The tankers and barges from around the world pull up to the berths of the area ready to offload the cargo. Also, if you come on certain days, expect to see the cruise ships dropping off passengers from the latest trip on the ocean.

  • You must grab a bite to eat in Chinatown. There has always been a thriving Chinatown in Los Angeles and while it’s small (compared to other cities) the chance to have traditional food during a marvelous afternoon is another reason to love Los Angeles. Central to about any part of the city, this location is one that gives you a glimpse into another culture and never disappoints.

  • If you love Los Angeles, you might hate traffic. Yet, you should know this is the leading excuse for anything around the city. Late? Traffic! Forgot about an appointment? Traffic! Not really feeling like hanging out with somebody? Well, the traffic was too much to make the commitment. And really, traffic isn’t all that bad. Locals know when it’s the busiest and what side streets to take. This really does minimize the time on the roads. Unless it’s a holiday weekend. Then all bets are off. Yeah, we love our traffic as it is a legit reason to decline. Bet you can’t find a more genuine, polite reason to say no thanks. Trust me, traffic never hurt any feelings.

  • From Interstate 10 you can look to the North and make out the Hollywood sign. It is just one of the great reminders of the entertainment community that locals love. Of course, the closer you get to the sign the easier it is to see. For anyone dreaming of being in film or television, it’s possible to keep that dream fresh in the mind by turning your head to the north and searching for this iconic landmark. You can see it from many freeways and even more streets. It hovers over the city reminding everyone of the importance of the entertainment community.

  • If you love classic cars, then Los Angeles is the place to see stylish autos. You don’t need to be at a car show to see some epic wheels. Just take a glance at the lane next to you (in traffic) as there is a good chance that you will see some low riders, one-of-a-kind or specialized cars. Of course, you will see Tesla models everywhere too. Drivers really love their Tesla vehicles.

  • Los Angeles residents have real issues with ice cream and we don’t care what anyone thinks. At first I thought locals had gone bonkers on this obsession. Now I understand why ice cream in the middle of November is perfectly normal. I found out quickly, it’s not all that bad to have ice cream within a few feet of any location. Now years later, I have ice cream on the brain every time there is a choice to have it. Cold? Ice cream. Hot? Ice Cream. Afternoon snack? Ice cream, of course. Boutique ice cream stores are everywhere in LA. The stores cater to the mania and our taste buds are really thankful.

Los Angeles loves ice cream, even in the Winter
Los Angeles Residents Love Ice Cream

  • Admiring the view of downtown is another reason to love Los Angeles. After a hard rain or strong wind storm, the crystal blue skies return to the metro area revealing incredible views. Don’t need to head to the Observatory to see the city in full beauty. Actually, you could head to a nearby car parking garage. Anything over six stories high will offer astounding views and most of the time it’s free to park and admire as long as your heart desires.

  • The neon lights all over the city is nothing short of a love note to Hollywood. From the theaters downtown that brightly blink into the night to Hollywood structures honoring entertainment and all points in-between, the amazing signage shines bright nightly after the sun goes down. It’s a SoCal neon blitz that is a lovable part of the city’s charm which can’t ever be replicated.

  • Grab a bite at Grand Central Market and embrace the neighborhood. I don’t know what I love more here – the amazing tacos or the out-of-this-world Chinese soup at this location. Fruit vendors, delicious food delights and historic charm is wrapped up in this location. Whichever food you might choose, expect your mouth to explode with taste as you embrace one of the oldest markets in downtown Los Angeles.

  • We never do things simple in Los Angeles. The City of Angels is proud of who we know beyond our community. There is pride in who we have influenced as a community too. The Sister City sign, near the Los Angeles City Hall, offers up all the different cities in the world that Los Angeles is happy to have a cultural connection to share. As you might expect there is more than a few, but, you have got to love just how many people this area impacts outside of residents who live in the city limits.

  • While sports might not be your thing, locals love that there is not one but two NFL teams. It’s one of those odd elements of the city which is consistently bragged about. While residents would love to say everyone is surprised at two successful teams, that would be untrue. Remember, there are two NBA teams too. Los Angeles loves to support more than one professional team and they don’t care who else it might annoy.

  • Los Angeles is the best place to discover life on the edge. Feeling like you are weird or different. Live here for a month and realize there is someone weirder and more eccentric. You couldn’t be as odd as you have ever imagined becoming in your wildest dreams, and if you choose to compare there is a calming feeling. It’s a love or hate feeling that every resident endures. Walk the neighbor, see very weird things and admire the humans who also call it home.

  • If you are driving down the Pacific Highway in desperate attempt to run away from the city it’s unlikely anyone will get too far. You got to love the idea that this beautiful highway only draws you closer to the reason you came to Los Angeles in the first place. Surfers taking on the waves, whitecaps slapping the beaches in perfect harmony and beauty like no other. So yeah, you might drive up the coast, but you will be back with new appreciation. Expect to be refreshed and delighted to know that you live in a unique place which can’t be replicated.

  • People watching is a delightful activity in Los Angeles. You could be in Hollywood to catch a glimpse of a star, arrive in downtown for business, or chill on the Santa Monica pier. No matter where you go you will see the people moving about their day. It is a mix of human identities that define the best of what the city is about. Frankly, there will be no apologies. You will see a few strange things in the mix, but that’s just to be expected. As the locals say, embrace those oddities and move on.

  • Los Angeles is full of church folks and they are singing praise. Even if you don’t believe, you cannot miss how strong the faith is around in LA. Churches, big and small, open their doors weekly to parishioners. They also open their doors to strangers. Residents who are part of the church communities love to help those folks needing to get back on their feet and they are willing to offer a hand. There is no greater reward than contributing to their own peeps in the community, one person at a time.

  • Los Angeles residents love messing with the language when they talk about the freeways around the city. For anyone who appreciates the English language, they must be cringing when the locals talk highways. Interstate 5 is better known as “The 5.” Yep, the interstate numbers have become a noun. When you drive up the street, make a left and get on “the 101” ramp. Or the 110, the 405 or the 134. It’s just the way locals love saying it. Don’t bother calling the grammar cops as it’s just part of the culture.

  • If you want to see something really cool you have got to be in Los Angeles when the marine layer moves in from the Pacific. Typically it happens in the winter months and in May. Locals love how the clouds blanket the area like a thick cover to hold it down. Obviously, it’s not that great during high pollution days, but it is amazing to see and even more unique to experience. At night the trapped lights bounce off the bottom of the clouds lighting up the streets. Get above the marine layer and you will have a holy experience. It will feel like you are walking on the clouds.

Residents Love the Los Angeles Marine Layer
Los Angeles Marine Layer is Lovable
  • Who would have ever believed the light rail would ever come to Los Angeles? Train tracks once again make it possible to get around the city without a car. Most locals love the latest option of riding the rails and the Expo has made moving around the city easier. Plus, it’s a rainbow of colors for the residents to enjoy. You can take the Red, Purple, Gold, Blue, and Green lines until 2 a.m. and it’s possible find your pot of gold at the next station.

  • Nobody loves rain, but I must admit I love the way locals respond to wet weather in Los Angeles. In fact, I’m guilty of responding to weather badly myself. It’s an immediate chaotic feeling that contemplates immediate doom, panic and borderlines of an emotional breakdown. Why? Rain reminds locals just how lucky people living in Los Angeles truly are. It’s sunny here so often we forget what rain really is. So when those bulky clouds of precipitation roll in, it’s a smack of harsh reality. And frankly it’s not pretty. Being wet is so 2019.

  • The love of Los Angeles mid-city isn’t just for shopping as it’s unique mix of buildings, art, museums, and Tar Pits. Starting at the Farmer’s Market at 3rd and Fairfax, it’s all about contemporary America, but you can fly back in time just by walking down the street. It’s odd to see large puddles of sticky mud in the middle of a metro area, but in LA it’s true. Older than dirt (or at least equal to it) the La Brea Tar Pits are an amazing part of the culture right in the heart of the city. Then just down the street is the iconic Chris Burden’s installation of streetlamps at LACMA. Cruising around the corner you can spend an afternoon checking out dozens of vehicles at the Petersen Automotive Museum. All of this is surrounded by residents, offices, and an occasional grocery store. It’s a mix of life people typically wouldn’t see.

  • Los Angeles area beaches are lovable as they offer something for everyone. If you find yourself looking for a more SoCal style beach, then heading to Santa Monica is a great choice. A little farther off surfers battle the beautiful waves in Malibu and the eccentric folks find their home at Venice Beach. Don’t forget the airplane lovers who can walk below the flying machines at Dockweiler State Beach, and if you are looking for those techie folks you can find them at Silicone Beach. Of course, there are so many beaches to choose from that beach bums can enjoy the coast all along the Pacific Ocean.

The Most Important Reason Residents Love Los Angeles....

There might be hundreds of reasons to love Los Angeles, but the biggest one is it is full of dreamers. IF you can dream it, then Los Angeles is a place where it can be done. There is no idea too big. No opportunity possibly too large. It’s all part of the bigger picture. People who live here not only believe it can be done, but have accomplished dreams to show it happen. That’s the best part of Los Angeles. Offering an avenue to dream, do and be part of something bigger than yourself.


Jodi Jill

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