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National Puzzle Day Countdown

Ready for the National Puzzle Day countdown? Santa might need a vacay after such a long holiday season, but the puzzlers are ready for some fun. And that means gearing up for the annual celebration of puzzles on January 29th! Yes, I'm talking about National Puzzle Day!

Woman Celebrating National Puzzle Day

Of course, it's no surprise I'm excited about this amazing holiday. Afterall, I've been nurturing this fun day for years. As the founder, I find myself invested and frankly, I don't mind saying so. What surprising is how far this amazing little day has come.

No, I'm not going to bore you with the background story (I'll do that another day). Yet, what I will share is that that's it's grown by leaps and bounds. In part due to other people who have taken the initiative to do something fun for this puzzle day. There were many who decided that sharing a little bit of puzzle love is worth it!

What comes for Puzzle Day in 2024 is like never before. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought so many people would have such a great time on a single day. And if all goes as planned (even if partially as planned) we are going to see the biggest bash in Puzzle history.

As it goes, we have a great website where you can grab all the fun freebies for National Puzzle Day. It's new to the scene as last year we were having so much traffic it was crashing the other site. Thankfully Puzzle Day Fun is ready equipped and full of fun freebies you can grab and celebrate in your way. I've even included the fun, Puzzle Joke Hotline, something the kids just love!

In closing, I can't thank everyone enough as they share their love of National Puzzle Day with the world. Whether you are playing a puzzle yourself, sharing with a friend or offering a puzzle to a group or folks, it's awesome that you are taking part. Thank yoU!

Don't forget to check back here to see all the latest and greatest for Puzzle Day fun stuff. I've got a lot more to share once the New Year gets here and we wave goodbye to Santa and turn to the puzzles!

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Jodi Jill

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