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Classical Music for Dogs: Amazon Radio Station is Woofing Amazing

Did you know that playing classical music for dogs can actually be good and healthy for them? It’s true! Well, around here it definitely seems so! My dog loves listening to music, but lately we’ve stumbled upon the Classical for Dogs Radio on Amazon and he has been absolutely chilling!

Dogs can understand and appreciate music just as much as humans do. Music is a soothing and pleasant experience for both us and our furry friends. Yet, there is something very odd about a radio station just for dogs. I mean, I’m listening too, right?

Science + Dogs = Listening to Music

There’s some science behind this too, studies have now shown that listening to classical music has positive effects on dog behavior. I doubt there has been any studies on how owners react, but I promise when I listen I appreciate it too.

Now I’ve been told dogs and classical music makes them more relaxed, happy, and even less aggressive. So that’s great, but does it work for your furry friend? Here is how you can find out.

Classical Music for Dogs - An Amazon Radio Station

There’s an Amazon radio station called Classical for Dogs. This is not a radio station where you do nothing but listen to classical music for hours. It’s curated music for dogs with a focus on symphonic, instrumental, and orchestral music. The Amazon folks also have a radio station for pets too. That has over 8 hours of music that's included with Prime

for your animals to hear. My red slider seems to prefer this station, but the dog rules to roost when I'm gone.

At first I was baffled this was really a radio station. It is. And it’s definitely an interesting twist on music and dogs. Classical music is one of the most soothing genres for humans, and it works the same for dogs. This is due to how the music was created.

As we all know, dogs are quite similar to humans in that they are also highly sensitive to sounds and noises. All that barking, whining, and other noises can be very stressful for them, so this relaxing music helps them calm down and relax. And there are even more benefits of playing classical music for dogs.

Even my dog seems to take a paw when it comes to listening to this station. I didn’t tell him when I turned it on, but he seemed to be relaxing with the vibe, which I found to be very interesting.

The Best Pieces of Classical Music for Dogs

I’m sure there are many compositions that are particularly good for your dogs to listen to. I’m not the go-to peep for a list that dogs might like. Also, despite the lists I’ve seen online, I have to ask would every dog like the same classical music. What if dogs were like people and we didn’t like the same of everything? I assume your dog and my dog will be different when it comes to musical tastes. Or so I’d hope. All I really care about is finding music that is pleasing to the ear - both my dog and me!

How to Find the Best Music for Your Dog

After researching the best music for dogs, I’ve found out there are a few things you should keep in mind when looking for music for your dog. The first and most important thing is to make sure that the music you pick is classical music that was created during the 18th-20th century. Anything after that is too modern to be soothing for dogs.

Also, if your dog gets uptight, starts to move around or seems irritated, it’s probably the music (or maybe you need to give him a treat.) It could be they like the music. Or maybe not... Keep an eye on the fur baby as you try different tunes and see the response.

The easiest thing to do is try out a classical music for dog radio station and see how the dog responds. You are going to quickly see if there are any differences and you won’t be curating music for the dog. (There’s an awkward conversation with your friends, right? Explaining you picked out music for the dog so he stayed relaxed while you were at work…)

In Conclusion

Music for dogs isn't something I thought about before, but dogs can understand and appreciate music just as much as humans do. Classical music is one of the most soothing genres for humans, and it works the same for dogs.

Leaving us not only worrying about what the dog eats, what he gets into but now we got to make sure he hears the right thing! So maybe a radio station for dogs isn’t such a bad thing after all. At least you know he won’t be listening to raunchy mouthed DJs and getting all riled up with fast tempo tunes. And if you’re like my dog, this Amazon radio station called Classical for Dogs is the perfect place to listen for when owner girl is away. As my pup says, it's Woofing Amazing!


Jodi Jill

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