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Fanta Pear Flavored Soda Pop Costs $25 a Bottle in USA? Russians Pay Far Less

Looking for Fanta Pear in the USA? Well, you and a billion other people. The soda pop found in the United States is definitely different than what can be found around the world. In fact, the latest and greatest desire is Fanta Pear flavored soda pop.

Fanta Pear Soda Pop isn't found in USA
Fanta Pear Flavored Soda Pop is VERY popular

Fanta Pear first released in Japan, Then Russia

Pear Fanta might have your mouth watering. If you’ve ever tried Fanta’s flavors of watermelon, pineapple and other sodas, then you know just how good this brand has become. The one tiny problem is that Pear Fanta (as well as some of the other flavors) aren’t always available at your local grocers. This is true with the show stopping Fanta Pear that the world is talking about too. Apparently, if you want a sip of this luscious drink you feel the need to hightail it to Russia or Japan to pick up a few bottles.

Fanta Pear Taste is Simply the Best

According to actual people who made the trip to pick up a few bottles of Fanta Pear, there is no other soda like this one. Frankly, the videos seen on YouTube are freaking hilarious when it comes to describing the taste and showing off the bottle. It’s as if this soda pop would cost more than a bottle of table wine sold at the store. Well, technically if you live in America, it does.

On eBay Fanta Pear is Getting Top Dollar

On eBay if you want a bottle of Fanta Pear, you will be paying top dollar. It’s around $25 bucks for a single bottle about the size of a liter. That’s not that big and you definitely are going to need to sip this while sharing sparingly. Oh, and then you have international shipping to add on top of that too. Honestly, it might be cheaper to just pick up a case of Merlot and dream about how it might taste after you get completely plastered.

While I’ve always been interested in what sells on eBay and why, sometimes I wonder how people can charge so much for something so simple. Of course, if I was on the other end of the auction (as a seller) I’d be thrilled to be raking in the cash as Fanta isn’t expensive at the local grocers (it’s just not the right kind around here.)

Fanta soda has always been intriguing to me. Growing up I had little to no carbonated beverages. No crazy sugary drinks until I entered a Burger King. Even then I didn’t know there was more than just a Cola streaming out of a machine. My life changed when I went to Epcot and got the chance to taste soda from around the world at Cool Club.

Once I realized there was other, great flavored sodas I experimented with every variety I could. Which is why, without question, I can say I love Fanta Watermelon the most. There are a few other amazing flavors too. And then those flavored sodas I haven’t tried yet either. I’m adding Fanta Pear to that list in hopes of someday tasting it. It might be a while though as I won’t be paying $25 for any carbonated beverage and I have ZERO interest in heading to Russia at the moment.


Jodi Jill

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