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Metallic Duct Tape Swimsuit Trend 2019 Bikini is Strategically Placed Tape

Duct Tape can fix anything. I don’t suggest this lightly, as it’s true. Apparently it’s such an accurate statement, that if you are at the beach and forget your swimwear, it’s perfectly alright to fix the situation by making a Duct Tape Swimsuit. Yes, you read that right. Tape made into a tiny, little bikini is perfectly acceptable. Well, it’s at least part of a new swimsuit and bikini trend of 2019.

A strange duct tape swimsuit trend 2019
Duct Tape Swimsuit Trend 2019

Duct Tape Swimsuits: 1-piece, 2-piece and Bikinis

There is a certain amount of unexplained crazy that comes every year with the debut of new swimsuits on the beaches. In Los Angeles, I can honestly say I haven’t seen any over the top swimsuits, but Summer is just beginning (and it’s been raining a lot here.) That being said, I’m really unsure how I’d feel seeing someone walk by in a duct tape bikini. Maybe I’d stop to pause, but I’d definitely try not to stare.

Is Duct Tape Swimwear from the South? Nope, New York City

You might be thinking that Duct Tape swimwear is a thing from the south. You know, with all the stereotypes of the South that might be a little unfair. Plenty of sophisticated individuals buy regular clothes who live all over the country. So where has this idea of duct tape bikinis been introduced? New York City. Apparently the fashion industry has been talking it up around the fashion weeks and this year the swimsuit trend is metallic duct tape bikinis. This metallic featured swimwear came from a Miami designer, but it’s been seen before in NYC and the fashion fans love it.

Metallic Duct Tape: Dollar Store Offers Your One Stop Supply

I was at the Dollar Store yesterday looking at metallic duct tape wondering if I could be a fashion designer when I grow up. I mean, if it takes five rolls of tape, a manikin and putting the adhesive in the right place to cover as needed, I might be looking at a career change. There is also black electrical tape bikinis, brown shipping tape mankinis and other awesome designs I could get started on immediately. Or maybe I should just stick with my duct tape wallets. Which I make on a regular basis and love selling around town. Apparently I am not as committed to fashion as I should be. And that’s OK as I know I need to stick to what I am good at! Get it? Stick to what I am good at…..OK, never mind...


Jodi Jill

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