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Writing Instruments: Pen, Pencil or Keyboard?

If you love to write as much as I do, it's impossible not to have words flowing at any time. Inspiration could be only a jaunt away. If that should like you, then you might be considering your writing instruments, no matter where you are.

Writing Instruments

Lately, I've noticed that I rely on more than one way to get ideas from my creative side to the public. It used to be (like years ago) I'd be able to sit down at the keyboard and beat away at the keys. Offering the keyboard a daily exercise of pushing and popping, I was able to compose uninterrupted for hours.

Of course, every so often I'd be relying on a pen and paper to jot down an outline, but nothing over the top or too crazy. Most of the ink I used was for temporary situations. The keyboard is where I find true inspiration.

Then life got busy. Almost realized instantly it's not always possible to drag around your laptop, especially for some of the work I do. Typically, it's always nearby, but sometimes going to secret revealings or certain meetings, I have no way to bring the laptop, so I got a keyboard to fit into the phone. It's a small piece, but it still offers a creative experience like no other.

When it comes to the writing instruments we use, it's all about the creative process. I have friends who love the pencil more than anything in the world. They love to compose, erase and creative even better at the beginning process. There are other people I know who prefer to outline their creative thoughts with ink and from there compose it into a creative moment with a keyboard.

What writing instruments do I use? I am a keyboard only person. I rarely look at the keys (or the screen for that matter) as I see the words dancing in my head. Then, when I go to edit, create or just tinker with the words, I use the cut and paste excessively. I also like to be able to instantly research to find the best words for my thoughts and to highlight the immediate passion I have creatively found to place the ink on the page. To me the creative process is all about that moment when it comes. Development follows, but the moment of creative awareness is something to admire.

Writing instruments don't need to be fancy

When it comes to writing instruments, there are so many ways creative people can put words on pages. It comes down to embracing whatever makes your passion flow and the creative efforts be seen. Of course, the pens, pencils and keyboards aren't the only ways to share words. People have been known to use crayons and dictation too. The moral of the story is it doesn't matter how you get your creative juices flowing, just as long as you get it out of your head!


Jodi Jill

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