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7 Fun and Positive Thinking Tips: Be Happy Naturally (Without Working at it)

Do you think it is possible to have fun positive thinking tips? For years I’ve been taught if you aren’t focused by positive thinking tips and always thinking about being happy, it won’t happen. Well, I never really believed that as I think positive thinking along with a positive attitude should be based in joy and fun.

Positive Thinking Tips should be fun, yet foundational.

Nobody should be cracking a skull trying to find their positive thinking groove. The idea of how to have a good outlook on life should come easy. Seriously, why would anyone want to waste time focused on making yourself happy when you have to struggle? It’s counterproductive! Instead your positive thinking needs to be in your soul with gentle reminders to keep smiling.

Which is why my fun positive thinking tips are just fun. I mean, they are serious too. But you aren’t going to be burning any late nights wondering the meaning of life. It’s the intent that counts here. Building on the idea we can be happy if we try, you have the foundation of positive thinking.

Are you ready to get started? Me too!

7 Fun, Positive Thinking Tips:

  1. Focus on the good things in life that you have seen in the past week. It’s 2020, I get the weird of the year, but we are all still kicking and that’s good. Make sure you focus on your good things. Keep a list if you need the reminder. No good thing is too small. The relevancy of knowing it happened recently is a fun reminder we are moving in a positive, forward direction.

  2. Don’t Dwell. If you dwell on things, they become mountains. Give it a minute and move on. I was once told you can’t change certain things, but in your mind you can make things larger than they appear in life. So true! Every time you find yourself dwelling, go for a walk, enjoy a moment with the kids or do something you love. It’s your life and you can make it fun.

  3. Positive thinking might need a kitty boost. When positive thinking is lacking, go to a place of joy for 10 minutes and regroup. Find a kitten video or puppy picture that brings love and kindness into your frame of mind. This is a way to break away from thoughts that rattle your soul. It will also change your perspective. It doesn’t have to be animal videos either. You could enjoy fancy cars, funny moments or visual recipes. These are the good things in life you need to be thinking about.

  4. Consider how your life is never boring. We all have quirks and that identifies who we are as individuals. Your life is not boring and you should be thinking about positive ways to make life more exciting (and dare I say fun).

  5. Indulge at least once a week. If you find yourself in a tough week, the best way to get through it positively is to indulge yourself. Do something nice at the end of the week and look forward to doing it. Think about this opportunity and embrace it. This is a perfect exercise for weeks that are smooth sailing too. Rewards for positive thinking should always be a priority.

  6. Focus on finding solutions. Not every day will be cheery and it’s safe to suggest that you won’t always be projecting positive thinking. That’s OK, the idea is to find a way to be positive. If you are facing a problem, then you need to focus on finding solutions. This allows you to reconsider your thinking and be positive on the outcome.

  7. Create realistic goals. If you are a creative individual, this is always tough. You have dreams and desires beyond the norm. That might mean your projects are SUPER big. Creating realistic goals doesn’t mean toning down your ideas. Not at all. Instead, break up that big dream into smaller pieces so your goals are the path to creating what your heart desires.

As you have probably heard, it’s also great for positive thinkers to exercise, choose joy, believe in others, offer good vibes and live to the fullest.

Believe it or not, your biggest step in deciding you want to achieve positive thinking is researching the idea. You can determine what works best, fits in your life and is the fun way to achieve it. There are no boundaries on positive thinking.


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Jodi Jill

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