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Free Ice Cream: Download and Scoop

Free ice cream? I’m in! The freebie world just got a little sweeter with the idea of being offered a scoop of ice cream for free. Yeah, it almost sounds too good to be true, but it’s not and I admit that for the sake of research, I’ve gone to every one of these places to make sure it’s legit (also, I just love ice cream.)

Free Ice Cream Comes With Using Cell Phone Mobile Apps

I’ve been looking at how to save cash. I mean, 2020 is a weird year. Only a fool would be throwing money around. Taking a hard look at what and where you spend cash, you might be cutting corners on the fun things in life. Well, you don't necessarily need to, if, it's a freebie. I’ve noticed how freebies have started popping up with a connection to technology.

My thought: Righteous, dude. I got a new phone and now you offer me a freebie to use it? Count me in!

Frankly, if you’ve bought a new phone in the last year, you need all the free stuff you can get. It’s insane the cost of this invention that fits into your pocket. I digress though. It’s the freebies that will justify your cell expense.

Free ice cream is one of those freebies to consider. With all the competition of the apps, there is a distinct push to get people to download. You might only use the app once, but that number of downloads is a viable metric for companies and the data gleamed off your engagement is important too. That’s why there are deals, freebies and special offers for you and your sweet tooth.

No Strings, Just Ice Cream

How does this work? You download the mobile app, confirm it’s really you (usually an email) and you get a free coupon. In particular, a free ice cream coupon. Then, if you keep the mobile app on your phone, great expect a few deals to be pushed in your direction. If not, nothing is stopping you from removing the mobile app after you get your freebie. Some offers want you to consider being part of their special programs - you know like a personal buyers club. These are free too and you can opt out at some point, if you aren’t interested.

So who is offering Free Ice Cream?

Baskin Robbins Mobile App. If you download and follow the requirements, the first regular scoop is on them. The website offers all the details and the download is painless. Show up at a local store and pick one of the 31 flavors to enjoy! Easy and fun!

Dairy Queen Mobile App. This is one of those offers that you might rush to enjoy. You get a free small blizzard when you take the chance downloading the mobile app. Actually there are plenty of reasons to enjoy this app. Not only do you get the freebie, there are other offers sent your direction.

Cold Stone Creamery. Wander over to this company’s website, follow the directions and you will pick up your BOGO free coupon. Yep, it’s not a no-strings free ice cream like the other two offers, but it’s half free and if you are going out anyway, you’ve saved half already.

Who knew technology would have free ice cream rolling into our lives? It’s one of many areas where enticing new users of mobile apps means offering up unique offers that only can be appreciated if tried.


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Jodi Jill

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