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Plogging: How to start a Plogging Fitness Trend

What is Plogging? It's the combination of saving the earth and fitness. Are you ready to work out while picking up litter? This is the world's latest fitness craze and it's helping Mother Nature at the same time. Frankly, I think it might be one of the coolest fitness crazes in a long time as everyone - from kids to adults can participate.

What is plogging? A new fitness trend in America

How to Start Plogging

Trash be aware you're going to be picked up by someone literally running by. Humans have found a new way to combat litter and still count steps in this new fitness trend called Plogging.

It's an interested idea that you might have already done before. Running, jogging and fast-walking humans are getting out to keep active and they aren't just moving, they are picking up the waste in the world. If you are wondering how to start plogging, don't worry, you can be helping clean the world too. It's a great fitness trend if you are out solo or decide to work out with a friend. All you need is a few items and then hit the streets..

What Plogging Supplies are Needed?

If you decide to take on this earthly challenge there are a few things you are going to need to make sure you are ready for all the action. Since you probably already have your workout gear, this list focuses solely on plogging supplies:

Plogging Gloves

A solid pair of plogging gloves are needed. These need to protect your hands against sharp edges and dirty surfaces. So you will need more than a simple pair of rubber gloves. A pair of garden gloves (with a rubber surface against the palms) is perfect.

Plogging Bags

Running by trash and scooping to pick up means you are going to grab some random stuff. Cans, glass and even paper items could be spewed about. While you could get special bags, you could also recycle a bag from the grocers for your plogging bags. Just make sure it's sturdy enough to hold odd small objects.

Plogging Route

While you might have a regular running route, a plogging route needs a few minor adjustments. The route needs to be safe from bodily harm (streets with too many cars, too many rabid chipmunks and too many people stopping you for change should be avoided.) You also need a plogging route that allows you to drop off your trash bad. Parks, certain streets across towns and even convenience stores allow people to place small bags in their disposable cans.

You might consider a plogging route where you pick up trash and drop off a bag one way. Or maybe you pick up trash on your entire fitness routine. Or maybe it's a twice a week commitment to keep local streets clean.

What is your Plogging mission?

The cool thing about Plogging is this is your mission to save the earth. Yes, it's a fitness trend and with that brings a certain sparkle to the moment. Yet, if we did this often in our own communities, our world would sparkle even without it being a trend. And if you think you've heard about this activity before it became such a fitness trend, you are right. Plogging is pretty much eco-running. The difference, Plogging is getting people excited about helping the earth and it offers everyone, no matter how fast or slow they go, a change to help pick up trash in the neighborhood.


Jodi Jill

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