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Moving With Your Dog: 4 Ways to Make Long Distance Moves Easier

Moving With Your Dog

Moving with your dog soon? Long distance moves with a dog can be intense. Not only are you, the human, looking to make sure all your items arrive, you want your animal to be comfortable too. It’s a hair-pulling ordeal if you are not prepared. And even if you have covered all your bases, you might still face some challenges.

Expect Challenges When You Move With Your Dog

When we had a long distance move, I researched every possible aspect of how to make the pup happy. All the bases were covered and we did move, but he was miserable. I realized the effort I put into the move should have started with the issues I was familiar with and moved out from there. In fact, the primary resources for a solid move might start with your vet. They can help you far better than most folks as they know your animal.

The tips I found helpful for moving with your dog aren’t typical ideas you see online. In most cases, the dog was excited about the move, but hesitant too. He spent more time focused on my responses to the situation and fed off my energy. Which made the move more like an adventure than an actual chore.

Moves Go Easier with Your Dog If You Plan!

Go on a Day Trip with Your Pup. If you are moving a long distance, give your dog a taste of moving with a day trip before you go. This helps ease the issues of travel substantially. Your dog will recognize they are going with you and not being dropped off any place. This will ease a lot of anxiety about unfamiliar surroundings as they are always with you.

Contact Your Vet For Assistance. Contact your vet for the meds and get copies of the vaccinations for your animal. This is a no-brainer, but go a step further as they can do more. See if they have any personal recommendations on how your dog could be more comfortable. I was pleasantly surprised that they knew my dog well enough to offer an idea which made the trip easier. Also ask them for recommendations for a new vet. The connection will make it easier for you when you settle down in your new home.

If a Pet Hotel is in Your Future, Bring a Bribe. It’s sad to say, but every good dog has a price. If you’re worried about the dog acting out, bring a bone, treat or toy to help calm the nerves and occupy the time. Some dogs are easy going, but hotels offer a million different smells and plenty of challenges. It’s likely you will be exhausted from the move, so the small items exclusively for the dog will be a chance to worry about one less thing.

Don’t Go of the Leash. I have a pretty well mannered dog and even so he tends to wander at times. Keep the dog leashed before, during and especially after the move (when you have the doors open of course.) This is an adjustment period and the most inopportune time to be losing the pup to a new smell. Make the time to introduce the new place after the furniture is in the house and the doors are closed. Then they can safely explore.

If all else fails, you and your dog can just move. It sounds bad, but it’s true. After driving across the country with a dog and a full load of personal items I realized that you can plan as much as you want, but the reality is that you are the alpha in the relationship. The dog might be in the backseat bored for 800 miles, but they will love all the attention they are going to get in their new home. And until they arrive, they are just going to need to hang out, listen to the music and nap while they ride mile after mile.


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